Types of Refractive Laser Eye Surgery

//Types of Refractive Laser Eye Surgery

Types of Refractive Laser Eye Surgery

There are different types of refractive laser eye surgery nyc that we are going to discuss. Below are the types of eye surgery. Be advised that selecting any of these is not a choice you can make on your on. Always consult your eye doctor or your general practitioner.


This is also called laser in-situ keratomileusis. This surgery works for those that are farsighted, nearsighted and those with astigmatism. With this surgery, the doctor perfectly shapes the tissue underneath the cornea so that it will be able to focus the light properly. The doctor also makes a flap in your outer part or layer of the cornea. This flap is actually what makes Lasik different from other eye surgery procedures. The doctor may also use wavefront computer imaging technology so as to have a detailed image of your cornea.


This is also called photorefractive keratectomy. This refractive and laser eye surgery is used when you’re required to be corrected mild to moderate farsightedness, nearsightedness or astigmatism. Just like LASIK, the eye surgeon uses laser so as to reshape your cornea. This will only affect the surface of the cornea. It will not affect the tissue underneath. Just like lasik, the surgeon may use computer imaging.

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This refractive laser eye surgery is also called laser epithelial keratomileusis. The eye surgeon nyc creates a flap. The doctor uses an alcohol solution so as to loosen the tissue and use a laser to reshape your cornea. The doctor will then use a soft contact lens that will hold the flap in place and keep in rightful place while the eye heals. This refractive laser eye surgery will solve the problem of astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness.


RLE stands for refractive lens exchange. There are other names such as PRELEX, CLE which stands for clear lens extraction and RLR which stands for refractive lens replacement. This is actually the same as cataract surgery. This surgery requires the doctor to make a small cut of the edge of your cornea. The doctor removes your natural lens and puts in place a plastic or silicone lens.


The surgeon cuts a small flap in the cornea and uses alcohol solution so as to separate a thin layer of the tissue from the cornea. The doctor then uses laser to reshape it. Of course the area is protected by a soft contact lens that hold the flap in place while healing.

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The surgeon will separate a thin layer of the tissue from the cornea and then reshape it using a laser. The area will be protected by a soft contact lens and put it in position as it heals.


This refractive surgery and laser procedure is used for presbyopia. This is a loss of flexibility in your eyes. The doctor will be required to remove your lens and replace with the multifocal lens.


This is also called an ICR which stands for intracorneal ring segments. The physician will make a small cut in the cornea and put 2 plastic rings that are crescent shaped. This can be used to treat nearsightedness.

Phakic intraocular lens implants

This surgery benefits people with nearsightedness. The doctor will make a small incision on the cornea and then attach the implant lens behind your pupil.

The Final Word on Laser Eye Surgery

You’re not the one who decides what type of laser eye surgery is the best option for you. Be sure to consult your general practitioner or your eye doctor about all the possible procedures in order to reach the one that’s the best for you.

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