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Remeber, we are here to listen, advise but not heal. We can only offer financial advice, not real finances. And we can help you find an alternative approach to your illness when conventional medicine has failed you.

Any person who has suffered from any type of illness, mental or physical, is eligible to contact us for advice. People applying for advice must adhere to certain standards of care, and ethical treatment of their holistic health, which include but are not limited to, taking care of your body in a responsible manner, ensuring that you are mindful in your everyday behavior, have already sought professional medical care, and are tended to in a manner acceptable in the country of residence. Because you are the future of our planet. And your body is a temple.

People that have visited us to talk about their issues had various illnesses and problems. These even included joint problems (including hip and elbow dysplasia), eye disorders, cancer, and even conditions related to back issues. In some extraordinary cases, you may not meet the BEHAF criteria and we may not be available to offer assistance, yet the case may have captured the sympathies of our community. In such cases, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, you may be granted status as a “Special Friend of BEHAF.” If someone decides to donate money to our cause, any amount donated will be allocated to our support groups or our events. We may organize and host a donation party for you, but we may never be able to provide enough finances on our own.

BEHAF might require verification of your medical condition. The Medical Liaison Officer of BEHAF will contact other doctors and specialists as necessary to assist Board Members in making decisions who needs to receive our support and our efforts to raise funds for the treatment. All applicants will be asked to demonstrate financial need by submitting proof of income (tax forms or the equivalent) and will be given an opportunity to detail any circumstances that they wish the Board to consider in making its determination regarding the organization of donation events. All financial information in these cases will be kept strictly confidential.

Anyone who approaches BEHAF must be aware that we use certain information from their case (identifying and/or non-identifying information as agreed to between you and the Board) for the purposes of education, fund raising, and public relations which may include but not be limited to magazine articles, BEHAF website and posts to the Bernard-L. Once a completed application is received by BEHAF, the Board will convene to discuss and vote on the application.

There is no limit to the number of times you can apply for assistance, health tips, advice or just emotional support from BEHAF. Each case will be decided on its own merit. The decision of the Board of Directors is final. BEHAF encourages donations and monetary contributions and/or volunteer work. We at BEHAF are continuing to work towards our goal of being ready and able to offer our services within a very short amount of time. Remember, WE ARE NOT HERE TO OFFER YOU A TREATMENT. We can only offer support, health tips, in some extreme cases, where we see that there’s no other solution in sight, we can organize a charity event to gather funds for your treatment. We know this may sound hopeless, but we are in no position to offer any funds to people who approach us.