Benefits of Spray Tanning VS Sun Tanning

We all want to be tanned and look great, regardless of what time of year it is. Having that perfectly bronzed skin is what most people strive for, but during the winter months, this can be especially awkward for most of us who don't travel 6 months of the year. Even if we could, should we really be sun tanning anyway? Getting a spray tan has become increasingly popular and is the way forward for getting that great look. Sunless tanning brands like St Tropez spray tan, Kahuna Bay Tan and Norvell are booming with business.

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What Are Coffee Naps?

Getting out of the bed in the morning is one of the most stressful things your body goes through during the day. Your body feels like it didn't have a healthy period of sleep that ended naturally, i.e. you woke up without the alarm, on your own, when your body instinctively realized you had enough sleep. This often leads to us having difficulties to go through the day without some kind of break, nap or just a closed-eye session. This is where coffee naps come into play. They're not anything new, they've been around. BEHAF, your favorite health news and health resources website, decided to break it down and see what's behind it.

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