ADHD Mythbusting – 5 ADHD Interesting Facts

//ADHD Mythbusting – 5 ADHD Interesting Facts

ADHD Mythbusting – 5 ADHD Interesting Facts

Myth #1: Kids with ADHD won’t succeed in life

First, it’s just wrong to assume that someone won’t amount to anything in life because of an illness or a condition. We’re very sensitive when it comes to our kids’ health. Secondly, there’s a great number of people that prove this statement wrong. Here’s just a few of them to get started.

  • Justin Timberlake – ADD mixed with OCD
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Jamie Oliver – had ADHD when he was a kid
  • Will Smith
  • Michael Phelps

Myth #2: Children on ADHD medications are more prone to becoming drug addicts

The fact that children with ADHD take medications has nothing to do with them being more prone to becoming addicted to drugs. Kids who have ADHD and also have coexisting conditions may be at high risk for drug and alcohol abuse. But this has no correlation with them taking medications for ADHD. Kids with ADHD are naturally impulsive and take more risks, but their medication inhibits their desire to behave impulsively and thus lowering the chance of them turning to drugs.

Myth #3: ADHD can be treated naturally with the help of herbs and vitamins

Parents, listen carefully. We all know that you want to protect your children from the toxic environment, lower the chances of them being exposed to cancer inducing chemicals and that you want them to live their life as naturally as possible, but in some cases, you have to turn to traditional medicine. There are so many cases of parents turning to “more natural” ways of dealing with ADHD because they have heard media reports or seen advertisements for “miracle cures” for ADHD. However, there are proven and tested methods that should be your first option.

  • Optometric vision training
  • Applied kinesiology (realigning bones in the skull)
  • Anti-motion-sickness medication (to treat the inner ear)
  • Treatment for candida yeast infection
  • EEG biofeedback (training to increase brain-wave activity)

Myth #4: Children with ADHD eventually outgrow their condition

The studies have shown that more than 70 percent of kids who have ADHD continue to have it in adolescence. Also, up to 50% will continue to have it in adulthood. You simply can’t outgrow this condition. You may be wondering “Where are those people with ADHD?”Even though it’s been estimated that 6 percent of the adult population has ADHD, the majority of those adults remain undiagnosed. THe studies have shown that only 1 in 4 of them seek treatment. Which is troubling, but a story for another time. If you know anybody who might have ADHD, talk to them. They don’t have to hide it.

Myth #5: ADHD is the result of bad parenting

People don’t realize that the inappropriate comments or constant fidgeting are signs of a medical condition, not of bad parenting. They may come to your home and leave it telling people how rude your kids are. This is why it’s of paramount importance that you inform people of your children’s condition. When a child with ADHD blurts things out or gets out of his seat in class, it’s not because he hasn’t been taught that these behaviors are wrong. It’s because he cannot control his impulses. The problem is rooted in brain chemistry, not discipline. We cannot stress this enough. However, this seems to be one of the most problematic assumptions about ADHD and that is that the child doesn’t have the illness at all and that it’s just misbehaving.

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